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How to choose a generator between engines | Diesel with high speed vs Diesel with slow motion?

1. Diesel generator with slow rotation: The engine speed is approximately 300-1,000 rpm

Pros: The outstanding features of this type of generators are strong, durable, slow-to-wear, as much as possible. More durable 3-4 times faster than rotary speed because it is designed especially for heavy use. With low maintenance fees, easy maintenance With a low cycle, it has a godlike feature, which is more than 30% fuel saving, plus another item of descent, which can be used to mix diesel fuel oil with fuel oil. Often found in power plants Industrial factory Resorts on various islands that the electricity cannot reach Brands of this type of generators are LISTER BLACKSTONE, ENGLISH ELECTRIC (RUSTON), MWM.

Disadvantage: Because it is mainly designed for durability, it requires high quality materials and high production time, which makes the generator price This type is naturally higher. The activation process is complicated, not suitable for use as a backup generator. The last disadvantage is the device that looks conservative, like the face of a Korean movie hero.

2. Diesel speed generator: The engine speed is around 1,000 rpm or higher.

Advantages: Diesel generators and high-speed spin are the most common generators. The engine is easy to find, cheap, versatile. There are many sizes and brands to choose from. The operation is simple and not complicated. Quickly turn it on. It is often used with ATS (auto transfer swith) to be a standby generator. And when the royal fire comes, the device can be switched off by itself Suitable for factories, hospitals, hotels, general people, counted as Generators for SME businesses. In truth, the machine looks good, like Miss Korea. There are familiar brands including Cummins, Perkons, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Nison, Hino, Isuzu, Denyo.

Disadvantages: have higher fuel consumption and maintenance costs Including a less service life compared to slow-speed generators Not suitable to be used as the main power generator

Summary: In conclusion, what kind of generator is suitable for use?

Reference: Diesel Engineering

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