Procedure for buying a generator Buy once, use for a long time
“Generator” is one of the important devices in generating electricity. for use in areas where electricity is not accessible or consumes a lot of electricity Until it’s not enough to meet the demand. to being used as a backup power source in the event of a main power outage or problem But how do we know that We want to choose the size of the generator and which type will be suitable. Today we will take everyone to try to calculate. Method for calculating power when choosing to buy a generator The first step we must take is Must know that we bought it for what purpose, such as being the main power supply. because it is in an area where electricity is not accessible Used as a backup light in the house Use it for events or field work that requires extra electricity, go camping, and connect to separate appliances. in order to calculate Choose the right size and type of generator. The important steps are as follows:
Revealing the reasons why tourism businesses should use low-noise generators
Entrepreneurs in the travel industry should have them ready to work. Because of the many benefits that perfectly meet this type of industry, however, I believe that there are still many people who do not think so. This article will therefore answer all questions in one place. Let travel entrepreneurs clarify why they should use low-noise generators. Follow up now. What is a low noise generator? low noise generator It is a type of generator that has an engine running without making much noise compared to the generator system that is commonly used. The generator with the lightest sound at present will be an inverter generator. This generator will work by using an inverter circuit to convert direct current (DC). Received from a power source such as a solar cell system. or battery into alternating current (AC) that is suitable for use with various electrical appliances in homes and general buildings This type of generator has the advantage of not making noise. and also uses less oil however with more modern technology and features that work even with less oil. It makes this type of generator more expensive than other types of generators.
How to choose a generator for a movie and drama set
for film and drama productions Shooting outdoors is inevitable. Which in some areas there is no electricity to use on the set or if there is not enough power Generators were therefore used in the filming. If anyone is looking for a generator for filming. But still don’t know how to choose. to have enough power to meet demand can work smoothly We have simple tips for choosing to leave each other.
Guide: How to choose the right generator for the construction site?
Power is followed by power to deliver important logging information here for the web site in question. There are also machines and electrical power requirements to drive the code-running system of that web site. which if there is a new download that is not yet How to choose the perfect blender for these websites with simple tips. How important is a generator to a construction site? It is common practice for work to be carried out within a construction site. Electricity must be used to drive the operation of various equipment and machines, but one thing you need to know. that the power does not come from plugging in like we are used to, but must use a “generator” or “generator” to be able to use ready to supply power continuously So it can be concluded that Generators are essential to work on construction sites as follows.  
Introducing ITC POWER generators that are suitable for events.
Approaching the end of the year which is the time of New Year’s Eve celebrations and welcome the New Year And during this time there are many events happening. Whether it’s a music event in the garden outdoor film work And selling various products, which is indispensable. generator That will help deliver energy to various stores and help brighten the event. ITC Power generators are high quality generators from China. There are generators from 5kVA to 34kVA and both diesel and gasoline engines. They are inexpensive, making them suitable for use at various events. But how to choose? And which models do you recommend? Let’s see.
Atlas Copco P3500i Camping Generator
To go camping in the middle of the forest There is no need to lack electricity to use. Who is the camping line? want to walk in the forest But still want to have a light to charge the battery Or use with other types of appliances. It is recommended to carry a small Atlas Copco P3500i generator with you. because it is suitable for portability plus can supply a lot of power Because if compared, you can use the generator and supply to the 15,000 BTU air conditioner comfortably, increasing the convenience for us on our vacation days. It’s also safe. and meet the needs of using for lighting mobile phone charging or computer as well.
Professional mechanic reveals Why is the HONDA generator suitable for use?
Power outage or going to a remote place in the countryside where there is no electricity Generator is an important tool. That will help make everyone’s lives more comfortable. both to help provide light at night Including being able to supply electricity to electrical appliances to work smoothly. One of the generators that have been accepted by professional technicians is portable mini generator with a good price from HONDA, we will take you to see how What is the reason why the generator from HONDA meets the needs of use? And why do many professional technicians choose to use it? These information may help you choose to buy a small generator to use it worthwhile.
Getting to know Cummins generators
When it comes to high quality generators that are widely accepted. from both general users and expert technicians from various industrial circles Cummins generators are one of the names that are mentioned in the first place, besides the reliability of the brand. that originated in the United States over one hundred years ago There are several factors that contribute to this fact. Let’s find out more answers that How good are Cummins generators? And is it suitable for any type of industry? And why has it been trusted throughout the country for a long time? Follow up in this article.
GENY generators, quality brands, affordable prices, available in many models.
Electric power is a necessity in daily life. that not only provides beauty and comfort However, the demand for electricity is increasing as the city grows. Including being used as a backup power when there is a problem with electricity. As a result, the production line must be interrupted. which may damage functionality
Diesel generators vs Gasoline generators Which one is better?
Many entrepreneurs may be worried that when there is a power outage or power failure. Should we have a backup generator or two? and should be good in fact Generators are available in both diesel and gasoline generators. both of which have advantages Disadvantages vary. It makes me not sure which generator to choose to work and last a long time.
Important reasons you need to know Why do you need a generator installation service?
Generators are very important and indispensable equipment for every industry. including working or doing any business in areas where electricity is inaccessible which every time entrepreneurs have to buy a generator The steps that should be given importance are not different from purchasing.
The first generator project
The first generator project: For the public benefit Jatejumnong: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd. wants to contribute to society. By dividing the profits from business operations To be used in the first generator project In order to be one of the sustainable development of Thai society Objective: The first generator project is to be donated (free !!!) generators Power generator And solar power panels For public use, such as temples, schools, hospitals, government agencies, various administrative organizations Both domestically and internationally (countries in the AEC countries), especially in remote areas where electricity is not accessible Goal: First year (2013) Donate 12 sets : 2nd year (2014) Donate 24 sets : The following years, unlimited donations *** Donation is free of charge *** Request to join the project 1. People who are eligible to receive donations: must be donors for public use only. Do not use for any benefit. 2. There is no set deadline for the project. Those interested in participating The first generator project Can send a donation request project by clearly describing what they want to use, where they are used, who can benefit And how to maintain donations, then email us at or call 084-001-5859, 087-691-8333 for 24 hours. Selection criteria 1. The company reserves the right to consider only those who receive the donation By considering through the board of directors appointed by the company 2. Criteria for consideration Will consider the purpose and necessity of use as the main As determined by the board 3. Results announcement Results will be announced on the website: on the 1st of every month. Products that are included in the project 1. ITC DG6000S Diesel Generator 5kW 220V 1Phase 50Hz 2. Solar Cell with Inverter, 1kW *** Not including maintenance fees And used equipment is gone *** No. Project participants 1. Tham Thiprot Practice Center, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province 2. Nong Yai Temple, Sai Mai District, Bangkok 3. Ban Nong Hai Temple Uthumphon Phisai District, Sisaket Province 4. Pa Tham Pha Din Temple, Loei Province 5. Phra Thammacharik Ashram, Ban Pha Poon, Chiang Mai Province S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.: Energy for Thai Society
Generator Chiang Mai Branch
S.E.A. Power Gent is opening a branch in Chiang Mai. Supporting the expansion of generator business in Chiang Mai Including all kinds of generators Increase the opportunity to access after-sales service in the northern region. Can shorten the time to wait for service Access to every problem, ready to be resolved more quickly. See you soon …. For more information Tel. 080-0560777 Phuwakorn Chanthararakan email:
How to choose a basic UPS size
Usually, a UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) or uninterruptible power supply that is currently on sale will tell the power rating of the unit as VA, such as 600VA 700VA 800VA 1000VA (or 1kVA) up to many sizes up to 900KVA also We are able to calculate Watt from the VA. We need to know the Power Factor (PF) of each model first. Like UPS that is used In normal household type, Line Interactive with Stabilizer, the Power Factor (PF) is 0.6. So, let’s say it is UPS type. Line Interactive with Stabilizer 1000VA (1kVA), we can calculate as 1000 (VA) X 0.6 = 600 (Watt) Therefore, this UPS can support a maximum load of 600Watt. The True On-Line UPS will have a power factor at Approximately 0.7-0.8, depending on the circuit designed by which can inquire at the company that sells the product  
Cummins Generators | USA VS China
Cummins USA VS China Astonish swordsman vs fiery dragon fighting The war of generators between Cummins made in USA and Cummins made in China generators. Who will be superior? Let’s analyze it face to face. Cummins Made in USA (US, UK) Advantages – Cummins generators manufactured in the US have advantages in technology. Tend to use new engines, most of which use boxes ECU controls engine operation. (Common rail) ensures high efficiency Fuel saving, low emission And environmentally friendly Note: For this type of device, use Q codes such as QSB, QSL, QST, QSK. The disadvantage – when it comes to being a godly engine, it is inevitable that the price and maintenance cost are inevitably high. Which the price is 30-100% higher than the Chinese models of the same model. Do not brag! If it is a new device, the ordering period will be longer than expected. Another possibility is the fuel that needs high quality oil as well. The type of oil mixed with water like ours is not parked. Cummins Made in China (under Cummins copyright only Not including Shenzhen Cummins type) Advantages – Cummins generators manufactured in China tend to use low-tech engines than the Direct Injection type, making it cheap, easy to maintain, durable, rugged. With the Chinese production potential, it can produce a lot. Ordering takes shorter time. Cummins USA can instantly order. Note: For this type of device, the code is BT, CT, NT, KT. Disadvantages – because it is an older engine, the fuel consumption is higher. And the exhaust will be released more (Westerners are smart), less environmentally friendly than machines from America. Important when coming from China, must have hopes of fake goods (Jake is smart) conclude If money doesn’t cost you Cummins USA If you want to get good quality Cummins China products, please reiterate under the copyright of Cummins only !! GENSET STANDBY POWER PRIME POWER USA ENGINE China ENGINE MODEL kVA kW kVA kW MODEL MODEL DS110 110 88 100 80 6BT5.9-G6 6BT5.9-G2 DS150 175 140 156 125 6CTA8.3-G2 6CTA8.3-G2 DS220 220 176 200 160 6CTAA8.3-G2 6CTAA8.3-G2 DS250 250 200 225 180 6LTAA8.9-G2 6LTAA8.9-G2 DS275 275 220 250 200 QSL9-G5 NT855-GA DS300 300 240 275 220 QSL9-G5 NTA855-G1A DS330 330 264 300 240 QSL9-G5 NTA855-G1B DS350 350 280 315 252 NTA855-G4 NTA855-G4 DS450 450 360 400 320 QSX15-G8 NTAA855-G7A DS500 500 400 450 360 QSX15-G8 KTA19-G3 DS550 550 440 500 400 QSX15-G8 KTA19-G4 DS650 650 520 600 480 QSK23-G7 NR2 KTA19-G8 DS825 825 660 750 600 QSK23-G7 NR2 KTA38-G2 DS880 880 704 800 640 QST30-G2 KTA38-G2B DS1000 1000 800 910 728 QST30-G3 KTA38-G2A DS1100 1100 880 1000 800 QST30-G4 KTA38-G5 DS1250 1250 1000 1125 900 QST30-G5 KTA38-G9 DS1375 1375 1100 1250 1000 KTAA38-G9A KTAA38-G9A DS1400 1400 1120 1275 1020 KTA50-G3 KTA50-G3 DS1675 1675 1340 1500 1200 KTA50-G8 KTA50-G8 DS2250 2250 1800 2000 1600 QSK60-G4 QSK60-G4 Reference – cumminspower Author: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.
Inverter generator
What is an inverter generator? The inverter generator (IG) is a device that has an internal combustion engine, a dynamo generator and an electronic DC-AC converter in one unit. Inverter generators must use direct current (DC) to convert to AC (which is different from normal generators where the generator will produce 3-phase power). The inverter generator will adjust and change the frequency. To a constant alternating current (AC) Usually a Sinewave wave with a THD of less than 3%. Normal DC-AC conversion is done by a SMPS solid-state microprocessor controller, where electronic circuits operate in PWM mode. The reason for using a 3-phase system is because of ripple. much lower factor than single phase Honda EU30iS Inverter Generator, High Efficiency Inverter Generator Makes fuel economy and quieter The frequency of the voltage caused by the rotation of the magnetic field is directly related to the frequency of the rotation. For this reason, in conventional portable generators, the engine operates at a constant speed. For example, a normal 50 Hz generator in our house would use an engine speed of 3000 RPM for 2 poles or 1500 RPM for 4 poles. Its fuel efficiency is still up to half of when loaded, even when power is not supplied. On the other hand, the inverter generator, the engine can walk at low rpm, because the voltage is already adjusted. In addition, the engine does not need to run consistently at the maximum speed, it can be adjusted automatically depending on the demand for electricity, all of which makes it more fuel-efficient and quieter. Another advantage of the inverter generator is that it can be synchronized for higher power. Note You cannot just put it in a coupler. You will need A parallel adapter that allows the two machines to be in sync. Most inverter generators in the market have low power. Since it has low wattage, it’s not suitable for home use. But with a light weight and quiet sound It is therefore a very popular choice for camping activities. S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.
Check generator for free
S.E.A. Care Project – Free Generator Check Service !! Vision (Vission): SA Power Jet Company Limited has realized the importance of maintenance of generators. Complete, always ready to use So that the generator has a long service life And the most effective Therefore initiated this project in order to provide a free service to customers of all sizes and generators without any charge Even if not buying the device with us Target: The company focuses on providing 100% full service to customers of the company, regardless of size. And the company also provides services to other customers who are interested in the project Even if we didn’t buy a generator with us Mission 1. Focusing on the service of checking condition of generators For the most efficient machine 2. Control of the operation by engineers with knowledge and understanding of generator maintenance. 3. Carry out a free check Without any charge Hope that our customers will receive the highest satisfaction. S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.
Electricity generation from gasification process
Electricity generation from gasification process (Gasification) Gasification process (Gasification) can be used to produce energy in 2 ways, which are 1. Used through a set of temperature reducing and cleaning gas. And delivered to the Gas Engine for electricity production or 2. Entering the gas to burn in the boiler To produce steam and then to spin the steam turbine to generate electricity Or to use the heat of steam for other uses further Production of fuel to replace fuel oil From the pyrolysis system Gasification Gasification and Pyrolysis are related and continuous processes for converting biomass, which consists mainly of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen into combustible gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen gas. (H2) and methane (CH4). The process is an organic combustion with limited oxygen content. Causing incomplete burning Waste disposal process with gasification technology It starts with separating waste that can be recycled and sold, dangerous waste, non-combustible waste. And the garbage that may be exploded from the total waste After that, the rest of the waste will be processed into smaller and similar sized pieces, dried (in case of high humidity) and fed into the pyrolysis or gas burner. The fuel gas has an average calorific value of about 5 megajoules / cubic meter. Which can be used to produce energy Generator Gasification (Gasification) and Pyrolysis Source: Plutaluang Recycle Co., Ltd.
Biogas (BIOGAS) and energy production
Technology used in the production of electricity from biogas. (Biogas, Syngas) Biogas (BIOGAS) can be considered clean fuel (CLEAN FUEL) without emission from combustion (ZERO EMISSION) while Thailand is an agricultural country. And there are many industries from agriculture There are raw materials that can be used to produce biogas, such as vegetable scraps from farms and gardens. Scrap from ranch Including dung Waste water and waste from agricultural product processing plants Technology used in the production of electricity from biogas. If considering the use of such scraps to develop into biogas Can generate more than 1,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The technology used in the electricity generation process from biogas Is a technology that is not complicated Can be implemented at the community level It is another way to increase income for the community. Because the by-products obtained from these organic decomposition processes may be worth more than electricity, namely organic fertilizer. And the result is a tremendous value – environmental preservation From the greenhouse gas emissions from the degradation of these waste as well. Renewable energy from agricultural waste materials According to the plans and policies of the Ministry of Energy that must find alternative energy The goal is that in the next 10 years, there will be up to 25% of renewable energy by using renewable energy to produce electricity of nearly 10,000 megawatts, with sources from a variety of sources such as sunlight, wind, geothermal, water and Biogas in this amount is expected to be from biogas approximately 8001,000 megawatts and also set sub-targets From the production sources in each sector, for example, from the industrial sector (WASTE WATER & DECANTER) about 230 megawatts (according to current data with a production capacity of 156.56 megawatts), hoping to get from the livestock sector (WASTE WATER & MANURE) about 10 megawatts Watts and from agriculture (AGRICULTURAL WASTE & ENERGY CROPS) Approximately 760 MW Generators for pig farms, chicken farms Examples of waste from agro-industrial sectors that are biogas sources Tapioca starch industry There is waste, waste water and oily waste. Palm oil industry has waste water and sludge. The ethanol production industry has waste water, molasses and cassava waste. For the livestock sector that should be a model for electricity generation Is a pig farm Which has medium and large size farms in many areas It is estimated from approximately 176 pig farms with approximately 3 million swine farms. Waste water and pig manure from that farm can generate approximately 10 megawatts of electricity. In the agricultural sector, the cultivation of plants used to produce Direct and post-harvest crop residues Which has very high potential, such as rice straw and corncob, sorghum, grass and weeds, both on land And water weeds, such as water hyacinths and ascetic joss, etc. Leaves and the palm oil, etc. These various debris if developed into biogas Would be able to produce at least 760 megawatts of electricity as according to the target and the solution Community biogas production That will be used to generate 500-1,000 kilowatts of electricity. If this is the case, energy sustainability along with environmental conservation will occur in Thailand. Source: Economic base
Generators | Coal power
Coal mine power plant | Coal power generator, wah wah .. Coal processing gasification) to be a fuel gas for generators Another alternative energy can turn coal into clean energy. It is well known that oil will run out of this world in about 50 years. As for coal, we still have to use it for at least 200 years. Coal can be a stable primary energy for us. Nowadays, generators are able to make good use of coal gas fuels, a truly bright energy future. Sustainable energy coal The history of coal The first use of coal began when Indian Americans Who currently lives in the Arizona area Using coal to bake pottery made from clay Later, European settlers discovered coal in North America in the mid-1600s, although only a small amount was used at first. Because at that time still used energy, water and charcoal But coal became an important factor in the 1800s. People started using coal to produce goods and steam engines. Resulting in America becoming the number one source of energy Until the need for oil to replace However, the use of coal must consider the environmental impact very much. Because coal use causes various problems According to many, such as smoke, dust, community health, etc. From the above reasons, technology has been developed. The use of coal while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum One solution for using coal is clean coal technology by converting coal conversion into coal gasification. Technology for processing coal into gas gas Coal processing technology Coal gasification technology has been developed for a long time. With reports of the first gasification experiments since the 17th century onwards, the report states The first fuel gas production plant The gasification process was created in England in 1812 by the London and Westminster Chartered Gas, Light and Coke companies, producing gas that was known as the “Town gas” or “Water gas.” “Which means gas from the reaction of coal and steam In a gasifier Thermal power generation with coal gas production process The process of processing coal into gas fuels Is a part of the coal oxidation process By using the principle of combustion in an air tight condition In general, the gasification process It consists of the reaction between carbon and air, oxygen, steam or the mixture of the above substances. At temperatures above 700 degrees Celsius. That is to say, when carbon-based coal is converted into gas Resulting in various unwanted substances such as sulfur and ash compounds Is easier to be removed from the product gas When compared to the combustion process Which has a lot of air The gasification process requires heat to be used for various reactions. Most of this heat is obtained from combustion of some of the solid fuel itself. By entering the air or oxygen into the reactor Normally, the air fed does not exceed 35 percent of the required air volume theoretically. Therefore, the obtained gas has a high concentration of gas products from the process. Which results in a highly efficient gas separation or cleaning process Some gasification processes may use other heat sources from the outside. Resulting in the reduction of solid fuel loss due to combustion Including able to increase the heat value of gas products By reducing the amount of nitrogen from the air fed And carbon dioxide from combustion Which these gases, if released with a large amount of gas products Will reduce the calorific value per unit volume of the gas By gas products Or synthetic gases that can be used as fuel to generate electricity, heat, or as a precursor in the synthesis of various chemicals such as ammonia, methanol or hydrogen gas Including liquid fuel etc. Source: Bioenergy Network Journal Issue No. 3/2010 Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Ministry of Energy
Electric wind turbines | Clean energy
Wind turbines, wind power generation, clean energy for the future of Thailand Wind turbine Wind energy is natural energy that can be utilized. Humans have been using wind energy for thousands of years. In facilitating life, such as sailing a cargo Rotating turbine baler The turning of a stone mill to grind seeds into flour. At present, we can use to generate electricity. Since wind power is generally available, there is no need to buy clean energy. Does not cause danger to the environment And can be used endlessly. “Wind turbine” is a device that is used to extract the kinetic energy of the wind. And transformed into mechanical energy From then, mechanical energy is utilized, that is, when the wind flows through the turbine blades Will transfer the kinetic energy to the turbine blade Causing the turbine to rotate around the axis Can use the energy from this rotation to use Wind turbines used in Thailand from the past to the present are wind turbines, wooden turbines. Used for pulling turbine, baler into rice fields in Chachoengsao province. Windmill leaves windmill leaves Used to pull saltwater barge into salt fields Samut Songkhram Province And multi-blade wind turbines Made of metal sheet, used for pumping water from wells up into the storage tank The use of wind turbines for electricity generation is still undergoing testing and development. Types of wind turbines Currently, the development of wind turbine technology for electricity production has been continuously developed. Many countries around the world have paid attention Especially in Europe such as Denmark Wind turbines that have been developed will have different characteristics and shapes. But if classified according to the characteristics of the axis of rotation of the turbine will have 2 types which are 1. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Is a wind turbine that has a rotating axis parallel to the direction of the wind, with a propeller perpendicular to the wind force There is a device to control the turbine to turn in the direction of the wind, called the rudder, and there is a device to prevent the turbine from damage during a strong wind such as a storm and is located on a strong pole. Horizontal axis wind turbines, including windmills, windmills (Windmills), wind turbines, leaves and silks. Commonly used with water traction machines Bicycle wheel wind turbine Wind turbine for generating electricity with propeller type 2. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Is a wind turbine with a rotating axis and propeller perpendicular to the movement of the wind horizontally Which can be able to receive the wind horizontally in all directions Works well with low-speed air currents. Is a technology that has been continuously developed Suitable for tall buildings in large cities Horizontal axis wind turbines are the most widely used type. Mostly designed to be a type that drives the turbine blade with lifting force Nevertheless Vertical axis wind turbine Which has been developed a lot in the latter, has also received more attention. This is because the advantages over the horizontal axis are In the vertical axis, regardless of the direction of the wind, it can rotate Without the need for a control device so that the turbine is facing the wind In addition, the vertical axis type Generators and transmission systems are placed closer to the ground than the horizontal axis. When the problem is easier to fix than a horizontal axis stuck on a tall tower. Components of large wind turbine systems for electricity generation Key components Of general wind turbine systems Can be divided as follows Electric wind turbine components 1. The propeller is a wind power receiver and transformed into mechanical energy Which attaches to the spindle and sends the force from the spindle to the spindle shaft 2. Spindle shaft which receives force from the rotor axis And transmitted through the power system To spin and spin the generator 3. The transmission room, which is a system to adjust and control the rotation speed Between the spindle shaft and the shaft of the generator 4. Engine room, which is large and important for wind turbines Used to contain various systems of wind turbines such as gear systems, generators, brakes and control systems. 5. Power generator Responsible for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy 6. Electric control system Which uses a computer system to control the operation And supply electricity into the system 7. Brake system is a mechanical system to control the rotation of the impeller and the shaft axis of the turbine. When receiving wind speed Beyond the ability of the turbine to accept and during maintenance 8. The neck axis rotates to support the wind direction It controls the turning of the engine compartment. For the propeller to receive the wind direction by electronic system Connected to have a relationship And the rudder receives the wind direction at the top of the machine 9. Anemometer and wind direction Which connects the signal cable to the computer system To be a measure of the speed and direction of the wind So that the computer can control other mechanisms correctly 10. The wind turbine pillar is the bearing unit that is upstairs. Wind turbine, wind turbine, renewable energy Wind turbines and electricity generation The working principle of wind turbines When the wind blows through the turbine blades The kinetic energy produced by the wind will Causes the turbine blades to rotate And get the mechanical energy out The mechanical energy from the axis of the wind turbine is transformed into electrical energy. By a generator connected to the axis of the wind turbine Distribution of electricity through electrical control systems And continue to supply electricity into the system The amount of electricity produced depends on the speed of the wind. Propeller length And the location of the wind turbine installation Electrical wind turbine installation Assembly of wind turbines for electricity Installing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 5kw Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Wind turbines and their use Due to the uneven nature of wind speed And the need for consistent energy to be suitable for use Must have energy storage and use reliable energy sources as a backup Or used together with other energy sources There are many types of energy stores. Much depends on the work to be used, such as If it is a turbine to produce small power, the battery is often used as a energy storage Using other rotating energy sources This system, usually a wind turbine, will provide power at all times with sufficient wind speed. If the wind speed is low or the wind is calm Other energy sources will provide alternative energy. (The wind turbine is the main source of energy and the other energy sources are reserves.) Combined use with other energy sources May be a diesel engine Or hydro power from dams, etc. This system normally has other energy sources already supplying energy Wind turbines will provide power when there is sufficient wind speed. At the same time, it will reduce energy supply from other energy sources, such as reducing the use of diesel fuel of diesel engines (this system of other energy sources mainly supplies energy The wind turbine serves to supplement energy from the main energy source) Source: Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Sharing knowledge by: SA PowerGen Co., Ltd.
Generators for flood response
6 ways to prepare for floods or emergencies 1. Regularly check that electricity, gas and water supply can be used in an emergency. The true hero probably cannot escape the generator. Because electricity is considered the heart of today’s society 2. There is preparation for people who have difficulty moving. Agong-am-grandparents invite you to lie down in the provinces first. 3. There should be a normal corded telephone And write down important contact numbers as well Able to help with emergency communications as well 4. Should fill up the tank For a long time, it is a good place to protect the tank from decay. 5. Should reserve water for use, can put water in the bathtub, put in a bucket, put anything, please pay attention 6. Keep valuable assets, important documents, including preparing for evacuation if necessary. Better buy flood insurance Source: Don’t Be Left in the Dark
7 ways that Sun Tzu doesn't say but Thai SMEs should know
7 ways that Sun Tzu didn’t say But Thai SMEs should know 1. Learning competitors When new competitors emerge from ASEAN, SMEs need to study and learn about them. In order to be ready to face the competition. SWOT analysis to recognize competitors will help SMEs that are ready to compete. Which aside from competitors from 9 ASEAN countries There are still 3 or 6 more countries to learn (ASEAN + 3, + 6). 2. Strengthening production capacity Reduce production costs with cost management. Effectively With modern machinery and technology used in production Drive the production of more value-added products in order to avoid price competition. 3. Accelerate strengths and reduce weaknesses. Companies need to develop stronger strengths and reduce weaknesses as much as possible. To prepare to handle competitors that may enter the competition at any time 4. Commitment to customers in all forms Companies in the supporting industry or who have previously produced or sent to the parent company may be outraged by competitors in other countries that have a greater advantage as a production base. Entrepreneurs that have their own brands Should conduct commercial studies on a regular basis in order to produce products that are in line with market needs. As well as become more skilled in production skills 5. Have to think “how to make him stay with us” in order to prevent scramble for skilled labor. SMEs should look for effective human resource management strategies that will attract talented employees to remain with the company. As much as possible 6. Strengthen Solve industrial problems by integrating Supply Chain Management to transfer technology and knowledge to each other in the industry such as applying best practice of each factory to reduce costs. Solving high wage but ineffective And jointly invade the international market etc. 7. Reduce the risk by distributing orders. SMEs should have more orders spread from other sources in order to reduce the risk from any employer. One of them will reduce or cancel the order, including creating a wide network of partners both in Thailand and overseas. To increase opportunities for joint ventures in production and exports
In 2015, Thailand and ASEAN Member States will be fully integrated into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) through the ASEAN Economic Community Plan (AEC Blueprint) consisting of Being a single market and Joint production base Enhancing competitiveness and equal development Currently, Thailand has SMEs in the amount of more than 2.9 million businesses. Accounting for 99.6 percent of the total number of enterprises Employment of 10.5 million people or 77.8 percent of the total employment in the country. Create an additional 3.75 trillion baht in GDP or GDP SMEs, or 37.1 percent of the country’s economic value added. Each year there will be more entrepreneurs every year. From now on, SMEs need to be well informed about the ASEAN Economic Community. Because other ASEAN member countries Has prepared to become an AEC by expanding trade. Expand investment in ASEAN countries together and ASEAN counterparts Therefore, Thai SMEs need to develop their potential urgently. And prepare to support the opening of a free trade market Products must be manufactured to meet international standards. And ready to accept trade agreements that change in a kind of changing hands, doing business in ASEAN countries will be like one. Price competition, quality standards inevitably occur. Therefore, it is time for the Thai SMEs to be alert. And cooperate with consciousness and wisdom
Introduction to Engine Turbines
Gas turbines Many people have been to the airport together. If anyone has never been At least I have probably seen the plane in the form. Or have been on television for some time For this plane, you might have seen something under both wings, more or less, depending on what the plane is. And used for what? For all of this I have told you Will lead to the mention of aircraft engines The engine that looks like this jar is called the Gas Turbines or translated into our home language. Gas turbine engine What is a gas turbine? Gas Turbine is an engine designed to convert energy in the form of fuels into useful energy such as shaft energy. Or the high-speed propulsion of a gas turbine. The gas turbine will consist of hot gas production and hot gas to energy conversion. Are air compressors, combustion rooms, and gas turbines The work power from some gas turbines will be used to propel compressed air. Causing the air to rise to high temperature, when burning, it will get hot gas with high pressure running through the turbine Gas Turbine Components Component Turbines engine How does a gas turbine work? Gas Turbine has basic equipment as follows Compressor (Compressor) is responsible for compressed air coming in. To achieve high pressure And enter into the combustion chamber Combustion chamber combustion of fuel. To increase the speed and pressure of the gas Gas turbine transforms the energy of the gas obtained from the combustion chamber to rotation. High-pressure gas from the compressor flows into the combustion chamber. The fuel injector in the room serves to inject fuel such as propane and natural gas etc. Because the incoming gas is at speeds of over 100 miles per hour In the combustion chamber, a device called Flame can Combustion area Half-cut image of a flame can Turbine Stage The nozzle is on the right Responsible for continuously injecting fuel The gas will run through a small hole. And an explosion Turned into a high-speed gas running to the left To the left of the combustion chamber Part of the turbine In the picture on the left, there are 2 parts. The first part is used to drive the compressor. Which the shaft of this turbine connects to the compressor in the same shaft The second part of the turbine is used to drive the propellers of the helicopter. These two axles are not stuck together. But with the same axis Use bearings to separate movement Types of Gas Turbine Gas Turbine is divided into 3 types which are Turbojet engine: Turbojet engine provides thrust by accelerating the speed of all air mass through the engine due to the speed of the air mass ejected to achieve thrust. The turbine system of the Jet engine is designed to receive The force of hot air currents or exhaust, just enough to rotate the compressor and other equipment. All the thrust (100% of thrust) is caused by the mass of the air blown out (exhaust gas). Turbojet Turboprop engine: Turboprop engine provides thrust by changing The energy from the mass of gas into power or mechanical energy to be used to spin the device to rotate the compressor and the propeller. The shaft or turbine shaft of the turbine is attached to the propeller. Through the reduction gear system, approximately 90% of the total thrust comes from the impeller and only less than 10% comes from the mass of hot gas or exhaust air of the exhaust. Turboprop Turbofan Engine: The Turbofan Fan Engine will be ahead. And has an enclosed structure called the fan duct. It is driven or rotated at the same speed as the compressor (except free turbine). If it is a free turbine, it has the same speed as the last turbine after the turbine that drives or turns the compressor. The air mass from the fan will Is pushed out from the mass of air passing through the engine or may be mixed with the air mass passing through Inside the engine At the end of the engine More than 75% of the energy or thrust comes from the mass of air from the fan and less than 25% from the exhaust gas. Turbofan Gas Turbine Application 1. Gas power plant Usually a generator for backup power (stand by) and helps to increase production. When the demand for peak electricity (peak load) has a capacity of 1 – 60 megawatts, in addition to being used as a power generator for electricity production Gas turbines are also used for other uses. For example, used as an engine to drive large pumps. Gas Turbines Power Plant 2. Use as a direct engine such as Engine, airplane, boat or even acetate website (Y2K) Plane Turbine engine Ship turbine motorcycle Y2k Source: Compiled by: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.
History of generators | Lister Petter
History of Lister Petter, manufacturer of generators (generators) from England. Lister Petter is based in the city. Gloucestershire in England, with operations in the United States, France, South Africa and India, helps Lister Petter spread globally and make sure you are not too far from our expertise whenever you need diesel engines or Generator technology This section gives you general information about our company, company and engine history, details of available publications and career information at Lister Petter. Lister Petter has a long and renowned history in industrial equipment. From our roots more than 150 years ago, up to now, manufacturing modern diesel engines and gas powered engines for farms to communication stations, we have consistently set standards for innovation, quality and reliability. Lister Petter Diesel Engine With millions of our engines creating a range of applications and places where you can see Petter Lister products all over the world. At the heart of our success are the continuous focus on our products, production that exceeds the expectations of our customers, with emphasis on flexible designs and reliable operations. A brief history of Lister Petter 1867 The RA Lister Company was founded by Robert Ashton Lister. 1893 James B Petter & Sons was founded. 1895 Engine Oil Made by Petters 1910 Petters Limited was established. 1929 The first diesel engine manufactured by RA Lister in Dursley. 1986 Listers RA and Petters Limited, including Lister-Petter Style Ltd. 2004/2005 Lister Petter has a record growth in both trade and investment. Source: Author: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.
Cummins Engine History
Cummins Engine Company was founded in Columbus, Indiana, USA in 1919. Cummins was one of the first companies to see the commercial potential of engine technology. Which was developed two decades ago by Rudolf Diesel. After a decade of founding in 1933, Cummins released the H-series engine, an efficient diesel engine suitable for transportation. It is the most successful Cummins engine in the world. With a focus on product quality Offering the first 100,000 mile warranty. Impress the industrial world at that time. Cummins generators Currently, Cummins has over 5,000 products, with services in 197 countries. We can find Cummins products in every industry such as Used as a boat engine or generator. Cummins are very popular in new industrial countries. Especially giants such as China, India, Brazil History of Cummins engines in Thailand From the initial search, it was found that it would be attached to the GE diesel electric locomotive, GEK number 4001-4050, two Cummins KTA-38L 660 horsepower engines, 70.178 tonnes in empty weight. Ready-to-use weight of 75 tons, axle weight of 12.5 tons, a maximum speed of 103 kilometers per hour Co-Co wheel alignment, manufactured by General Electric, USA, introduced in 1964 (number 4001 – 4040) and 1966 (number 4041 – 4050). References: Author: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.
Generators | Diesel Diesel VS Diesel Diesel
How to choose a generator between engines | Diesel with high speed vs Diesel with slow motion? 1. Diesel generator with slow rotation: The engine speed is approximately 300-1,000 rpm Pros: The outstanding features of this type of generators are strong, durable, slow-to-wear, as much as possible. More durable 3-4 times faster than rotary speed because it is designed especially for heavy use. With low maintenance fees, easy maintenance With a low cycle, it has a godlike feature, which is more than 30% fuel saving, plus another item of descent, which can be used to mix diesel fuel oil with fuel oil. Often found in power plants Industrial factory Resorts on various islands that the electricity cannot reach Brands of this type of generators are LISTER BLACKSTONE, ENGLISH ELECTRIC (RUSTON), MWM. Disadvantage: Because it is mainly designed for durability, it requires high quality materials and high production time, which makes the generator price This type is naturally higher. The activation process is complicated, not suitable for use as a backup generator. The last disadvantage is the device that looks conservative, like the face of a Korean movie hero. 2. Diesel speed generator: The engine speed is around 1,000 rpm or higher. Advantages: Diesel generators and high-speed spin are the most common generators. The engine is easy to find, cheap, versatile. There are many sizes and brands to choose from. The operation is simple and not complicated. Quickly turn it on. It is often used with ATS (auto transfer swith) to be a standby generator. And when the royal fire comes, the device can be switched off by itself Suitable for factories, hospitals, hotels, general people, counted as Generators for SME businesses. In truth, the machine looks good, like Miss Korea. There are familiar brands including Cummins, Perkons, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Nison, Hino, Isuzu, Denyo. Disadvantages: have higher fuel consumption and maintenance costs Including a less service life compared to slow-speed generators Not suitable to be used as the main power generator Summary: In conclusion, what kind of generator is suitable for use? Reference: Diesel Engineering Author: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.