S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd. is the energy company for trade and investment in Southeast ASIA to support the growth of the business community of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC.) in particular. We specialize in energy reserves. And it represents. Generator-set, a variety of brands such as Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, etc. Extended to include solar energy, wind energy, biomass and Co-Gen power systems.

Vision.  S.E.A Power Gent Co., Ltd. want to be an important part in driving the business, especially for the SME business growth of the sector. With business opportunities and open new markets that will result from the participation in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC.).

Target.  company focused on providing services in the SME (small and medium business enterprises), with fast service. Highly efficient quality products at fair prices to meet the needs of our customers to achieve maximum satisfaction. The company intends to expand its business customers in the ASEAN Economic Community(AEC). A center for trade and investment in the energy business. Energy and alternative energy. In order to enhance the SME business to reduce production costs. Strengthening capability and growth of business. Quality standard products under good management. Confidence to customers who use our services.

1. The energy to cover all aspects including energy and recycling. Optimize the use of power.
2. Team with new knowledge. Expertise. Can meet the needs of the customers’ needs.
3. Services, sales, installation and after sales service excellent.
4. We take care of the environment, the replacement cycle continues. Efficiency and effectiveness in the future.