In 2015, Thailand and ASEAN Member States will be fully integrated into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) through the ASEAN Economic Community Plan (AEC Blueprint) consisting of Being a single market and
Joint production base Enhancing competitiveness and equal development

Currently, Thailand has SMEs in the amount of more than 2.9 million businesses. Accounting for 99.6 percent of the total number of enterprises Employment of 10.5 million people or 77.8 percent of the total employment in the country. Create an additional 3.75 trillion baht in GDP or GDP SMEs, or 37.1 percent of the country’s economic value added.

Each year there will be more entrepreneurs every year. From now on, SMEs need to be well informed about the ASEAN Economic Community. Because other ASEAN member countries Has prepared to become an AEC by expanding trade. Expand investment in ASEAN countries together and ASEAN counterparts

Therefore, Thai SMEs need to develop their potential urgently. And prepare to support the opening of a free trade market Products must be manufactured to meet international standards. And ready to accept trade agreements that change in a kind of changing hands, doing business in ASEAN countries will be like one. Price competition, quality standards inevitably occur. Therefore, it is time for the Thai SMEs to be alert. And cooperate with consciousness and wisdom