The first generator project

The first generator project: For the public benefit

Jatejumnong: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd. wants to contribute to society. By dividing the profits from business operations To be used in the first generator project In order to be one of the sustainable development of Thai society

Objective: The first generator project is to be donated (free !!!) generators Power generator And solar power panels For public use, such as temples, schools, hospitals, government agencies, various administrative organizations Both domestically and internationally (countries in the AEC countries), especially in remote areas where electricity is not accessible

Goal: First year (2013) Donate 12 sets

: 2nd year (2014) Donate 24 sets

: The following years, unlimited donations

*** Donation is free of charge ***

Request to join the project

1. People who are eligible to receive donations: must be donors for public use only. Do not use for any benefit.

2. There is no set deadline for the project. Those interested in participating The first generator project Can send a donation request project by clearly describing what they want to use, where they are used, who can benefit And how to maintain donations, then email us at or call 084-001-5859, 087-691-8333 for 24 hours.

Selection criteria

1. The company reserves the right to consider only those who receive the donation By considering through the board of directors appointed by the company

2. Criteria for consideration Will consider the purpose and necessity of use as the main As determined by the board

3. Results announcement Results will be announced on the website: on the 1st of every month.

Products that are included in the project

1. ITC DG6000S Diesel Generator 5kW 220V 1Phase 50Hz

2. Solar Cell with Inverter, 1kW

*** Not including maintenance fees And used equipment is gone ***

No. Project participants
1. Tham Thiprot Practice Center, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province
2. Nong Yai Temple, Sai Mai District, Bangkok
3. Ban Nong Hai Temple Uthumphon Phisai District, Sisaket Province
4. Pa Tham Pha Din Temple, Loei Province
5. Phra Thammacharik Ashram, Ban Pha Poon, Chiang Mai Province

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