Cummins Generators | USA VS China

Cummins USA VS China

Astonish swordsman vs fiery dragon fighting The war of generators between Cummins made in USA and Cummins made in China generators. Who will be superior? Let’s analyze it face to face.

Cummins Made in USA (US, UK)

Advantages – Cummins generators manufactured in the US have advantages in technology. Tend to use new engines, most of which use boxes ECU controls engine operation. (Common rail) ensures high efficiency Fuel saving, low emission And environmentally friendly Note: For this type of device, use Q codes such as QSB, QSL, QST, QSK.

The disadvantage – when it comes to being a godly engine, it is inevitable that the price and maintenance cost are inevitably high. Which the price is 30-100% higher than the Chinese models of the same model. Do not brag! If it is a new device, the ordering period will be longer than expected. Another possibility is the fuel that needs high quality oil as well. The type of oil mixed with water like ours is not parked.

Cummins Made in China (under Cummins copyright only Not including Shenzhen Cummins type)

Advantages – Cummins generators manufactured in China tend to use low-tech engines than the Direct Injection type, making it cheap, easy to maintain, durable, rugged. With the Chinese production potential, it can produce a lot. Ordering takes shorter time. Cummins USA can instantly order. Note: For this type of device, the code is BT, CT, NT, KT.

Disadvantages – because it is an older engine, the fuel consumption is higher. And the exhaust will be released more (Westerners are smart), less environmentally friendly than machines from America. Important when coming from China, must have hopes of fake goods (Jake is smart)


If money doesn’t cost you Cummins USA

If you want to get good quality Cummins China products, please reiterate under the copyright of Cummins only !!

DS110 110 88 100 80 6BT5.9-G6 6BT5.9-G2
DS150 175 140 156 125 6CTA8.3-G2 6CTA8.3-G2
DS220 220 176 200 160 6CTAA8.3-G2 6CTAA8.3-G2
DS250 250 200 225 180 6LTAA8.9-G2 6LTAA8.9-G2
DS275 275 220 250 200 QSL9-G5 NT855-GA
DS300 300 240 275 220 QSL9-G5 NTA855-G1A
DS330 330 264 300 240 QSL9-G5 NTA855-G1B
DS350 350 280 315 252 NTA855-G4 NTA855-G4
DS450 450 360 400 320 QSX15-G8 NTAA855-G7A
DS500 500 400 450 360 QSX15-G8 KTA19-G3
DS550 550 440 500 400 QSX15-G8 KTA19-G4
DS650 650 520 600 480 QSK23-G7 NR2 KTA19-G8
DS825 825 660 750 600 QSK23-G7 NR2 KTA38-G2
DS880 880 704 800 640 QST30-G2 KTA38-G2B
DS1000 1000 800 910 728 QST30-G3 KTA38-G2A
DS1100 1100 880 1000 800 QST30-G4 KTA38-G5
DS1250 1250 1000 1125 900 QST30-G5 KTA38-G9
DS1375 1375 1100 1250 1000 KTAA38-G9A KTAA38-G9A
DS1400 1400 1120 1275 1020 KTA50-G3 KTA50-G3
DS1675 1675 1340 1500 1200 KTA50-G8 KTA50-G8
DS2250 2250 1800 2000 1600 QSK60-G4 QSK60-G4

Reference – cumminspower

Author: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.