Generators for flood response

6 ways to prepare for floods or emergencies

1. Regularly check that electricity, gas and water supply can be used in an emergency. The true hero probably cannot escape the generator. Because electricity is considered the heart of today’s society
2. There is preparation for people who have difficulty moving. Agong-am-grandparents invite you to lie down in the provinces first.
3. There should be a normal corded telephone And write down important contact numbers as well Able to help with emergency communications as well
4. Should fill up the tank For a long time, it is a good place to protect the tank from decay.
5. Should reserve water for use, can put water in the bathtub, put in a bucket, put anything, please pay attention
6. Keep valuable assets, important documents, including preparing for evacuation if necessary. Better buy flood insurance

Source: Don’t Be Left in the Dark