100kVA ATLAS COPCO QAS100 Generator


ATALS COPCO Generators QAS100, 100kVA Diesel Generators @Prime Ratings Three Phase Four Wire 400 / 230V Generators for Heavy Duty Regardless of the dam, mine, refinery, construction and heavy work, it has been sold in 180 countries around the world for over 140 years.

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Technical Data

Model QAS100 50Hz

Rate Speed r/min 1500
Rated power factor (lagging) 0.8
Rated prime power kVA 100
kW 80
Rated standby power kVA 110
kW 80
Rated voltage V 400/230
Rated current A 144.3
Maximum sound power level (LWA) according to 2000/14/EC OND dBA 92
Maximum sound pressure level at 7m and 75% load dBA 67
Fuel autonomy at full load – standard frame Hours 10.5
Fuel autonomy at full load – high frame Hours 24.5
Fuel consumption at full load Liters / hour 22
Capacity fuel tank – standard frame Liters 230
Capacity fuel tank – high frame Liters 545
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