Goal Zero : Solar Cell Charger

Review: Super power bank Goal Zero Guide 10+ (Solar cell charger)

Solar cell charger: Power bank, solar power

Hello. After posting the product for a while today, Admin will come to request a little review of the product. This product is called Goal Zero. Guide 10 plus model is a Power bank that charges from solar cells (Solar cell) !! That’s right, because Goal Zero has a built-in solar cell !!! No more worries about finding a plug to charge with Power bank anymore, but don’t worry about the rainy season. Because aside from being able to charge from the sun, Goal Zero is also able to charge from normal USB. On a rainy day, thunder can be charged from USB. On a day when traveling long distances, it can still be charged from a solar cell. Look at the goals of Goal Zero.

The look of the goal in front of Goal Zero is pretty good.

This one is the full rear. There will be a net to store the equipment. Sewing well Grasped and not tight

The full picture will unfold when you see the Solar Cell panel ready to charge

The appearance of the Power bank, comes with a USB connector and car charger.

When the zipper is pulled out, you can see the full back like this. There will be a cable from Solar Cell to the Power bank. Strong, quite strong.

Let’s see the size. Suitable size for hand (as with Ipad). Light weight, firm grip, good fit.

Let’s take a look at the look of the Power bank. Design box comes quite well, looks simple and strong.

The back of the Power bank. There is a clear screen. Battery level. What color will the signal light be? (Red-green)

Able to charge via USB. This one, I charge via green notebook, almost full

This is a real use. I leave it in front of the glass film. Lamina hair plastered with 60% mercury. Conveniently charge. No worries. Time to go far, then, if not swamp

Solar cell panel too big? Just remove the power bank to charge with mobile phones immediately. Portable, more convenient

For today, Admin would like to finish the initial review as much as before. From the overall test, Goal Zero is quite convenient. Because charging with Solar cell takes about 3-6 hours depending on sunlight depending on the time On a sunny day Only a few hours. Especially in Thailand The sunlight like this, please say that in a moment, it is full. Or if still not instant, can take off to charge with Notebook or PC, it can still be faster As well as the materials used and the quality of the work, it looks quite good. P.S. Admin has been used for many months ^^ “Finally, there are many power bank brands in the market. The price will have many different levels depending on you. Which type of model to choose Choose to suit and like it right. Today, the Admin would like to end the review of the product just this. Next day, if there is a nice gadget, will come to recommend again.

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