7 ways that Sun Tzu doesn't say but Thai SMEs should know

7 ways that Sun Tzu didn’t say But Thai SMEs should know

1. Learning competitors When new competitors emerge from ASEAN, SMEs need to study and learn about them. In order to be ready to face the competition. SWOT analysis to recognize competitors will help SMEs that are ready to compete. Which aside from competitors from 9 ASEAN countries There are still 3 or 6 more countries to learn (ASEAN + 3, + 6).

2. Strengthening production capacity Reduce production costs with cost management. Effectively With modern machinery and technology used in production Drive the production of more value-added products in order to avoid price competition.

3. Accelerate strengths and reduce weaknesses. Companies need to develop stronger strengths and reduce weaknesses as much as possible. To prepare to handle competitors that may enter the competition at any time

4. Commitment to customers in all forms Companies in the supporting industry or who have previously produced or sent to the parent company may be outraged by competitors in other countries that have a greater advantage as a production base. Entrepreneurs that have their own brands Should conduct commercial studies on a regular basis in order to produce products that are in line with market needs. As well as become more skilled in production skills

5. Have to think “how to make him stay with us” in order to prevent scramble for skilled labor. SMEs should look for effective human resource management strategies that will attract talented employees to remain with the company. As much as possible

6. Strengthen Solve industrial problems by integrating Supply Chain Management to transfer technology and knowledge to each other in the industry such as applying best practice of each factory to reduce costs. Solving high wage but ineffective And jointly invade the international market etc.

7. Reduce the risk by distributing orders. SMEs should have more orders spread from other sources in order to reduce the risk from any employer. One of them will reduce or cancel the order, including creating a wide network of partners both in Thailand and overseas. To increase opportunities for joint ventures in production and exports