Inverter generator

What is an inverter generator?

The inverter generator (IG) is a device that has an internal combustion engine, a dynamo generator and an electronic DC-AC converter in one unit. Inverter generators must use direct current (DC) to convert to AC (which is different from normal generators where the generator will produce 3-phase power). The inverter generator will adjust and change the frequency. To a constant alternating current (AC) Usually a Sinewave wave with a THD of less than 3%. Normal DC-AC conversion is done by a SMPS solid-state microprocessor controller, where electronic circuits operate in PWM mode. The reason for using a 3-phase system is because of ripple. much lower factor than single phase

Honda EU30iS Inverter Generator, High Efficiency Inverter Generator Makes fuel economy and quieter The frequency of the voltage caused by the rotation of the magnetic field is directly related to the frequency of the rotation. For this reason, in conventional portable generators, the engine operates at a constant speed. For example, a normal 50 Hz generator in our house would use an engine speed of 3000 RPM for 2 poles or 1500 RPM for 4 poles. Its fuel efficiency is still up to half of when loaded, even when power is not supplied. On the other hand, the inverter generator, the engine can walk at low rpm, because the voltage is already adjusted. In addition, the engine does not need to run consistently at the maximum speed, it can be adjusted automatically depending on the demand for electricity, all of which makes it more fuel-efficient and quieter. Another advantage of the inverter generator is that it can be synchronized for higher power. Note You cannot just put it in a coupler. You will need A parallel adapter that allows the two machines to be in sync.

Most inverter generators in the market have low power. Since it has low wattage, it’s not suitable for home use. But with a light weight and quiet sound It is therefore a very popular choice for camping activities.

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