Cummins Engine History

Cummins Engine Company was founded in Columbus, Indiana, USA in 1919. Cummins was one of the first companies to see the commercial potential of engine technology. Which was developed two decades ago by Rudolf Diesel.

After a decade of founding in 1933, Cummins released the H-series engine, an efficient diesel engine suitable for transportation. It is the most successful Cummins engine in the world. With a focus on product quality Offering the first 100,000 mile warranty. Impress the industrial world at that time.

Cummins generators

Currently, Cummins has over 5,000 products, with services in 197 countries. We can find Cummins products in every industry such as Used as a boat engine or generator. Cummins are very popular in new industrial countries. Especially giants such as China, India, Brazil

History of Cummins engines in Thailand

From the initial search, it was found that it would be attached to the GE diesel electric locomotive, GEK number 4001-4050, two Cummins KTA-38L 660 horsepower engines, 70.178 tonnes in empty weight. Ready-to-use weight of 75 tons, axle weight of 12.5 tons, a maximum speed of 103 kilometers per hour Co-Co wheel alignment, manufactured by General Electric, USA, introduced in 1964 (number 4001 – 4040) and 1966 (number 4041 – 4050).


Author: S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.