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History of Lister Petter, manufacturer of generators (generators) from England.
Lister Petter is based in the city. Gloucestershire in England, with operations in the United States, France, South Africa and India, helps Lister Petter spread globally and make sure you are not too far from our expertise whenever you need diesel engines or Generator technology

This section gives you general information about our company, company and engine history, details of available publications and career information at Lister Petter.

Lister Petter has a long and renowned history in industrial equipment. From our roots more than 150 years ago, up to now, manufacturing modern diesel engines and gas powered engines for farms to communication stations, we have consistently set standards for innovation, quality and reliability.

Lister Petter Diesel Engine

With millions of our engines creating a range of applications and places where you can see Petter Lister products all over the world. At the heart of our success are the continuous focus on our products, production that exceeds the expectations of our customers, with emphasis on flexible designs and reliable operations.

A brief history of Lister Petter

1867 The RA Lister Company was founded by Robert Ashton Lister.
1893 James B Petter & Sons was founded.
1895 Engine Oil Made by Petters
1910 Petters Limited was established.
1929 The first diesel engine manufactured by RA Lister in Dursley.
1986 Listers RA and Petters Limited, including Lister-Petter Style Ltd.
2004/2005 Lister Petter has a record growth in both trade and investment.

Source: lister-petter.com

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