Check generator for free

S.E.A. Care Project – Free Generator Check Service !!

Vision (Vission): SA Power Jet Company Limited has realized the importance of maintenance of generators. Complete, always ready to use So that the generator has a long service life And the most effective Therefore initiated this project in order to provide a free service to customers of all sizes and generators without any charge Even if not buying the device with us

Target: The company focuses on providing 100% full service to customers of the company, regardless of size. And the company also provides services to other customers who are interested in the project Even if we didn’t buy a generator with us


1. Focusing on the service of checking condition of generators For the most efficient machine

2. Control of the operation by engineers with knowledge and understanding of generator maintenance.

3. Carry out a free check Without any charge

Hope that our customers will receive the highest satisfaction.

S.E.A. Power Gent Co., Ltd.